Are Vancouver Sinkholes Caused by Vortex?

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Are Vancouver Sinkholes Caused by Vortex?

Vancouver Sinkhole

It’s being reported that the huge sinkhole that opened up on Vancouver’s S.E. Marine Drive might not be fixed until after Christmas or the New Year. City of Vancouver Engineers are still mystified as to how the sink holes¬†occurred.

If could be a co-incidence but sci-fi TV show Fringe is filmed in Vancouver and sink holes or “Vortex” happen quite frequently on the show. The sink hole below happened on Vancouver’s Granville St. during the summer. There were no City of Vancouver engineers around that day, but there were several trucks around with public information ads plastered on them with slogans such as “Be Vortex Aware” and “Fringe Events Can Happen Anywhere”.

Vortex on Vancouver's Granville St.

If you happen to come across a sinkhole anywhere around Vancouver, just consider that it could be a Vortex. Dial 7-1-1 to report anomalies. Joshua jackson might even answer the phone.

Be Vortex Aware - Fringe TV Show

For more information on Fringe see the Fox TV website.

For more information on the sinkhole in Vancouver see the City of Vancouver website: Vancouver Sinkhole Update

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