Plenty of Fish – Vancouver Dating Website Hacked

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Plenty of Fish Website

January 18, I started getting emails from brunettes instead of blondes. I suspected something was up, and I was right–Plenty of Fish had been hacked!

Over 300 people registered with the online dating website could have had their personal information stolen after the Vancouver website was hacked.

The CEO of Plenty of Fish, Markus Frind, said was hacked on Jan. 18 in an “incredibly well planned and sophisticated attack”. Frind runs the free dating website, out of an office in Coal Harbour, Vancouver. The site gets around 145 million visitors a month.

In a James Bond-esque scheme, the hackers then tried to blackmail Frind by requesting employment and money from him in exchange for the return of the information. The hackers claimed they had merely found a Apparently a “bug” in the website design and that they were trying to help.

The security guys at Plenty of Fish had since reset user all passwords from affected users and the company will carry out an external security audit to ensure similar attacks do not happen again.

The Plenty of Fish website, while free, still generates around $10-million a year in ad revenue, and is popular all around the world. We are going to add it to the list of top Vancouver websites because of its functionality, design, and because that’s where I met your mom.

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