Vancouver Web Design by SplitMango

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Vancouver Web Design by SplitMango

vancouver web design by splitmango

Have you seen this logo popping up around Vancouver? Me neither, but I read on McFly’s twitter feed that it has been popping up all over Vancouver. So what is it?¬†This logo is the creative brainchild of SplitMango. The ancient Chinese used to admire the mango for it’s peaceful qualities; that was until the mango got split. Listen, I don’t really remember the story but it’s a metaphor for the kingdom getting divided and creativity being reborn or something.

Anyways, Vancouver Web Design by SplitMango is a tag line you may or not have noticed at the bottom of several websites. SplitMango are a Vancouver web design and development company and are slowly gaining more notice through their portfolio and through their social media and SEO efforts. The Vancouver web design industry is choc full of one-trick-pony companies and large scale agencies. SplitMango is a company that gets the balance right–not too big and not too small. SplitMango prides itself on pleasing its customers. They offer a well-rounded suite of services that includes website design, development, branding and Internet Marketing.

When it comes to web design you can’t be too careful. Modern design has to look good, while being functional, and adhering to web standards. Whether it’s CSS or HTML5, a good web design company has to be up-to-date on the current techniques.

Check them out at or call into their office at 938 Howe St. in downtown Vancouver.

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