What’s New Vancouver?

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National Lampoon's Vancouver Vacation

National Lampoon's Vancouver Vacation

Ah, Vancouver. It’s the city we all love to live in and it’s the city we love to complain about. It snows for a day and the city comes to a standstill. On the other had, if it snows for a day down here, it means big dumps of snow up on the hills. Grouse Mountain is open, Cypress is open, and Seymour should open any day. What’s not to love about this city?

Well while some of us love to see the snow because of our love of skiing or boarding, winter of 2010-11 promises to be colder and snowier than average in B.C., as the frosty weather pattern known as La Nina moves in for a long stay. Remember winter 2008? How horrible was that? Getting anywhere meant a difficult trip by any mode of transit. For now we’re safe from the snow as the rain has started to fall and a mild wet weekend is forecast. So then we’ll get back to our usual–complaining about the rain!

Other negatives include recent news about a Vancouver real estate bubble. Sure, property prices are high, but this isn’t Ireland. Our politicians know what they’re doing, and our banks are rock solid. Right??

Our economy is something to feel happy about. Is it wrong to feel good because others are miserable? Europe seems to be struggling at the moment. Countries and economies there are getting hit hard by the global recession. Iceland, Greece, Ireland and soon possible Portugal and Spain are all needing help due to economic mismanagement and bad leadership. The Euro, worth $1.60 Canadian a few months back is now worth $1.34. If you invested in Euros you might not be too happy right now, but if you are going to Europe any time soon you dollar will go further.

Back to the city anyways, Vancouver has a famous guest in Hollywood actor-turned-asylum seeker Randy Quaid. It sounds like a sequel to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but Chevy Chase isn’t anywhere to be seen. Randy and his wife will be able to enjoy Christmas in Vancouver after an immigration adjudicator agreed to postpone the hearing on his admissibility into Canada until sometime in the new year; this is the third time it’s been postponed. Randy’s wife is apparently a Canadian citizen. As he left  the Immigration and Refugee Board offices in downtown Vancouver yesterday he told reporters “I hope it snows.” He got his wish.

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